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Lets Start at the Beginning: My first Paint Party

It was the spring of 2017. I had recently completed my Accounting and Business degrees and money was very tight for a family of five on one income!

Lets rewind a bit further for a quick second. I had chosen to stay at home with my three children while completing my schooling. I quickly found out that I loved being a stay at home mother and secretly dreaded the day of graduation! This would mean I would have to dive back in to the 9 to 5 job, and miss so much of my children growing up. Staying at home may not be for every mother, and no judging to any mothers that decide to work. But, I had discovered that I wanted to work and stay at home. ….

So, I started really considering my options. What did I enjoy? What careers were available to me that would allow for me to create my own schedule? I was actually painting for fun one evening and it came to me. I could use my passion for art!! I have painted and crafted my entire life. I occasionally painted commission orders, but not enough to bring in a steady paycheck. So, how could I use my passion for art as a means to bring in money to support my family?

Lots of research and tutorials inspired me to start teaching others to paint for fun at events. These events for all occasions were called paint parties. I had never been to one, and had heard mixed opinions from friends who had. I loved the idea that paint parties brought people together as a group of friends, family, or even strangers at a public event to have a fun time creating something. So, my next big question was where do I begin?

Some of my family and friends were huge supporters and agreed to be my first victims, I mean guests. I totaled my guest count and ordered just enough easels, canvases, brushes, and paints. I toted my supplies in emptied amazon and diaper boxes, and I was excited, nervous, and oh so ready to teach these ladies how to paint my original creation for their event. During setup I broke one of my I was an easel short. I was not going to let this setback stop my success, so I used a giant pizza pan from my hostess as my easel for the demonstration painting, (pictured below.) It worked great!

Pizza Pan Easel

These lovely ladies hosted an event where I had an opportunity to test the waters and either sink or swim. I dipped my toes into the water for this first event and have never looked back. I have continued to swim ahead for over a year now through many obstacles and setbacks. Words can never express how grateful and thankful I am for these ladies helping me to take the first step in my career. This first paint party gave me so much hope, confidence, and determination for the future.

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